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Exit survey for evaluation of integrity and counterproductive work behaviors in your organization

Midot’s IntegriEXIT survey is designed to assess counterproductive and unethical behaviors via employees who leave the company, whether resigned or dismissed.

Obtain new insights into counterproductive work behaviors

Employee exit surveys provide an excellent opportunity to gain insight into many of the sensitive issues employees are often willing to disclose only when they are on their way out. When these issues relate to employee offenses and other unethical behaviors, the knowledge can be extremely valuable for management in order to improve the well-being of the organization.

Counterproductive work behaviors can be highly damaging to an organization and its employees. They may involve employees or managers, and target either other employees (e.g. harassment, aggression) or the organization itself (e.g. theft, fraud). In addition, the behaviors may stem from negligent security controls, job dissatisfaction, lack of identification, and more. Finally, these behaviors may be characteristic of specific jobs, branches or departments in the organization. Detecting counterproductive work behaviors is extremely difficult; identifying the nature and source of these behaviors is even more challenging. The IntegriEXIT survey provides a solution for evaluating the incidence of counterproductive work behaviors among colleagues, managers and directors, and can be used to better manage such behaviors and prevent them from occurring.


Administration Format:

Appropriate for:
All positions, all levels

Testing time:
Approximately 10 minutes

Number of items:
20-80 items, depending on the version

On-site or remote testing

Individual and group reports are immediately available on-line.

Language level requirements:
7th grade

Administration stage:
Employee exit

Respondent ID:
Anonymous (optional)

Response format:
Multiple choice and open response

Available upon request

Receive a clear picture of counterproductive work behaviors in your organization

  • A source of truthful feedback from employees that are leaving the organization.
  • The IntegriEXIT survey indicates the who, the where, and the frequency of unethical and dishonest incidents in the organization.
  • Results can be aggregated and displayed at the level of the organization, business units, and of specific populations.

Easy to use and administer

  • IntegriEXIT is an online survey that can be taken anonymously and remotely, any time after leaving the company.
  •  The alternative to IntegriEXIT is a face to face interview where the employee may feel less comfortable openly sharing this information. It may also be more difficult to aggregate responses.
  • IntegriEXIT will not only show you what is really happening in the company but will also provide reliable feedback regarding the reasons why people are leaving.

Podium, a highly efficient assessment platform

  •  Manage your entire assessment process in one place.
  • Easily customize Podium to your organizational needs.
  • See all your assessments and usage analytics in one place.
  • Cloud–based, secure, state of the art technology.

Try it out

Use the IntegriEXIT survey to collect information from employees who are leaving the company. Receive a clear, reliable, manageable assessment of what is really happening in your organization in terms of reasons for leaving and counterproductive work behaviors.

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The IntegriEXIT Survey takes a modular approach, and allows sections to be administered either together, or in units.
IntegriEXIT is available in 7 pre-defined versions for all combinations of the following 3 sections:

• Overall Job Satisfaction
• Coworker/supervisor/management integrity
• Counterproductive Work Behaviors

Customer Benefits Package

As a Midot customer, you receive access to your chosen assessments, process management tools, and a wide range of complementary services: training, support, professional consulting, ROI analysis, local validation, and norms and scoring optimization. We are here to support your responsibility through a comprehensive and professional approach.


From day one and all the way through the service cycle, unlimited online and in-person training is available to all test administrators.


Midot’s team is always ready to answer users’ queries, typically with near-immediate response times.


Unrivaled scientific research and publications in dozens of academic studies worldwide provides robust backing for assessment decisions and enables accurate ROI calculations.


Midot is led by an interdisciplinary team of senior researchers, developers and managers with extensive education and experience in psychology, psychometrics, scientific questioning, and security.

Reports – make informed decisions immediately

Survey reports are available online, immediately upon completion of the test. They are presented both at individual or group level, and can be easily exported to excel for statistical analysis and managerial decisions.



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