Is good character good enough? The effects of situational variables on the relationship between integrity and counterproductive work behaviors | Midot
Año de publicación:2010
Publicado en:Human Resource Management Review, 20(1), 73-84
Autores:Fine, S., Horowitz, I., Weigler, H., & Basis, L.

The literature on integrity testing in personnel selection has reported impressive validities for predicting counterproductive work behaviors (CWB), but has seldom taken into consideration the possible influences of situational variables once job applicants are hired. This study examined the main effects and interaction effects of two situational variables, employee engagement and security control norms, on the relationship between integrity and CWB admissions. Based on data collected from a census sample of job incumbents from a large international retail company, all three variables were found to be moderately related to CWB, incrementally valid when aggregated, and together led to a lower rate of false positives than that yielded by integrity alone. In addition, employee engagement and security control norms each moderated the relationship between integrity and CWB when integrity was low, but did not influence CWB when integrity was high. The implications of these findings on personnel selection methods are discussed. (PsycINFO Database Record (c) 2016 APA, all rights reserved)

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