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Evaluate integrity and risk behaviors amongst candidates and existing employees



Measure the potential risk of candidates and current employees to be involved in workplace accidents



Predict early resignation among job candidates


What Sets Us Apart?

We are passionate about it

leading the field of integrity testing for over 40 years

Full responsibility for results

Over 92% of customers repeatedly choose Midot for their counterproductive work behavior assessment initiatives.

Unmatched research and publications

Midot provides robust backing for assessment decisions and enables accurate ROI calculations

Cutting-edge R&D

Powering leading innovation and continuous developments and improvements to both content and technology

It’s all about Integrity

Unmatched excellence specific to the field

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Experience all the benefits of Midot on a single Podium | Midot’s versatile technology powers tailor-made solutions that enable outstanding operational precision and flexibility

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As a Midot customer, you receive access to your chosen assessments, process management tools, and a wide range of complementary services: training, support, professional consulting, ROI analysis, local validation, and norms and scoring optimization. We are here to support your responsibility through a comprehensive and professional approach.


From day one and all the way through the service cycle, unlimited online and in-person training is available to all test administrators.


Midot team is always ready to answer users’ inquiries, typically with near-immediate response times.


Unrivaled scientific research and publications in dozens of academic studies worldwide provides robust backing for assessment decisions and enables accurate ROI calculations.


Midot is led by an interdisciplinary team of senior researchers, developers and managers with extensive education and experience in psychology, psychometrics, scientific questioning and security.

Serving more than 2000 enterprises in more than 30 countries worldwide

Midot is a world leading expert in integrity and counterproductive work behavior assessments. More than 2000 companies in more than 30 countries count on Midot’s assessment solutions to help them identify trustworthy employees. Our offering includes integrity and work ethics, work stability and work safety assessments and a wide range of complementary services. Building on more than 40 years’ experience in the field, Midot leads in R&D, driving continuous innovation in content and technology. Our unmatched research and publications program provides scientific validation of the accuracy of Midot’s assessment solutions.

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